Audiobooks, the Underdog of Recovery Entertainment

Russell loves having a story in the background. It seems to make quiet activities last a little longer with the added interest of a story line woven in behind him. Reading aloud to him every time would be optimal, but there are times during recovery or an illness where I am just too spent to even use my voice. It gives me a break without the guilt of more screen time for him.

Resting while Russell listens to Adventures in Odyssey on our iPad.

Besides stocking up yourself with lots of story and book downloads before you head to the hospital, this would also make an excellent gift to give a heart kid (or any kid in the hospital). When someone asks you how they can help, but you don’t trust their casserole skills, maybe mention providing a new book, instead. iTunes makes it super easy to gift audiobooks through email.

Most libraries have the option to “check out” audiobooks as well. If you’re supporting a heart family through surgery, you might ask if they’re aware of the audiobook option that comes with their library membership. Even taking this task away and volunteering to get them set up initially and adding some books to the cue would be an amazing gift of your time.

The possibilities are endless depending on your child’s interests, but here are a few of our favorite go-to’s for our bigger boy:

A Series of Unfortunate Events is one of Russell’s favorite series. We can barely get him to stop once he starts. Even though these are geared for 4th through 8th graders, his interest was captured at 5 or 6-years-old with some parental guidance. You can find these on iTunes, Amazon/Audible (Also in CD format) or through your library’s audiobook program.

The Ramona Quimby Audio Collection is another flashback favorite. The adventures of this 8-year-old are addictive for children. The whole collection is over 18 hours of entertainment, and I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting through it. This can also be found on both iTunes, Amazon/Audible (also in CD format), and through your library’s audiobook program.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle is another fun, Beverly Cleary book that kids love. Who wouldn’t be entertained by mouse on a stolen, toy motorcycle and all the zany adventures that ensue? Easily found on iTunes, Amazon/Audible (as well as CD format), and through your library’s audiobook program.

Adventures in Odyssey is an ongoing series of story albums. These are Christian based stories that Russell loves, and will actually insist on listening to them for hours while he plays with LEGO’s or draws. They have an old timey radio feel to them with music, sound effects and a cast of characters. I sometimes raise an eyebrow at the old fashioned gender rolls they portray etc., and will interject with my opinion, but besides that, he literally can’t get enough, and I’m often baffled by it. These can easily be found on iTunes.

The Boxcar Children is another exciting series that keeps Russell’s attention easily. It’s pretty calm adventure that draws him in and keeps him entertained. A limited amount of these books can be found on iTunes, more are available on Amazon/Audible (also in CD format) or through your library’s audiobook program.

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